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Here is our first article for the magazine Più Salute&Benessere for the SOLE24ORE, newspaper that tells the best health and wellness professionals in Italy. We tried to illustrate the happened generational change and our core business: the concept of bio-regeneration from medicine to professional aesthetics.

Women 2021 the festival of health and female well-being

Xenoderm has been official partner of the event hosted at lungomare Caracciolo in Naples from 30/06 to 03/07/2021.

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Success does not come only with victory, but also from the desire to win.


Young, ambitious and proud to work in team we are Cristina and Francesco Muollo.

Brothers who, following paternal wake, have decided to put themselves to the test by expanding the range of their business in the medical device and professional cosmetics industry.

We believe that a group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible. The effect of being in the presence of people who are able to transmit high frequencies of energy and synergy, manages to increase our intentions and productivity. We all feel more united and we want this union also involves those who choose to rely on us for valid alternatives of wellness, beauty and personal safety.

We like to satisfy the professional, but we are also interested in pampering the direct consumer; in order to ensure the consistency and continuity of safe wellness.